Baby Photography Frequently Asked Questions


Answering our most frequently asked questions for parents looking to book their newborn baby photographer. Cass Davies Photography is easily accessed from across the North West. Based on the edge of North Wales with transport links from Cheshire, Liverpool &  The Wirral

How do we know you are the photographer for us and that we can get what we want from you?  I love it when prospective clients pop in to say hello and ask this question. You can have a good look around the studio. I’ll encourage you to have a nosey at everything on the walls. And I’ll talk over how booking in works and how we schedule your session.

Just pop me a message to arrange your visit. The studio is closed whilst I’m shooting or teaching, but if you’re just passing do try the door. If I’m in and available or if i’m expecting you, I can pop the kettle on. I’d be delighted to show you around (I welcome any distractions from my admin to-do list!).

You can have a mooch here at my reviews too. With over 85 5* reviews to date I’m pretty sure I’m a fairly nice person now 🙂 You can also pick up the phone or drop me a text to have a natter if that’s easier.

I work hard to ensure the best quality for my lovely clients, from staying at the top of my game as one of the most highly qualified newborn photographers both in North Wales and in my genre across the UK, to providing the best quality local handmade finished products. I adore my studio in Aston Park on the edge of Hawarden – it’s my little haven and designed to be comfortable and homely for families and their small people. I’m confident that you’ll like it too!

1/ Why do I need to book so early?

I recommend booking a newborn photography session around the time of a client’s 20-week scan. This may seem very early (after all, your pregnancy is only half way through!), but it is important to book as early as this, if possible. That’s because when booking early I am likely to have good availability and can, therefore, offer you a selection of appointments around the time that your baby is expected to be born.

Newborn photography sessions are ideally held before your baby is three weeks old, so there is only a very small window of time that you have to capture those gorgeous sleeping baby pictures.

If you don’t book until nearer the time of your baby arriving, or even until after your baby is born, there is less likelihood that I will have sessions available in those crucial first few weeks.

That said, please do still get in touch if you are further along in your pregnancy or have already had your baby, as I do keep one last-minute appointment slot available each month.

2/ What if my baby goes into NICU/SCBU?

If your baby has been born earlier or later than expected we will arrange your appointment to suit. So, if this is the case, please contact us at the studio to let us know when your baby has been born.

This also applies if you or your baby needs to have a prolonged stay in hospital for any reason.

If you can keep us updated after the birth we will do everything we can to arrange an alternative appointment for you. Then, we’ll look forward to seeing you in the studio as soon as you and the baby are ready.

3/ What happens if I don’t love my images?

Your images will be available for you to view around 10 days after your photoshoot. At that viewing session, you can choose the images you prefer (although many customers buy all of them because they can’t choose between them!).

In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with the images we’ve created for you, then please chat to us about your concerns at that time so that we can aim to come to a quick resolution.

The skin of newborn babies can sometimes be blotchy, dry and flaky. Please don’t worry about this! I can use my digital editing skills to remove any blemishes from the images if you wish, so that your finished images and photo products are nothing short of perfect!

Please note that throughout your photoshoot you will have an opportunity to request alternative styling if you don’t like what we are doing. Please feel comfortable to speak up if this is the case.  These are your images and we want you to treasure them, so please do let us know if you would prefer different colours or props to be used, for example.

Re-shoots are not available for bad hair days, grumpy partners or wardrobe regrets. However, we do offer a Money Back Guarantee. If we cannot come to a mutually acceptable resolution, your session fee will be returned without quibble and your images destroyed. Once an order has been placed you are deemed to have accepted your images & bespoke product statutory rights apply.

4/ Why does a Newborn Shoot take so long?

As any parent knows, babies operate to the beat of their own drum! That means that every newborn photography session that I do is completely different.

Some babies sleep the whole way through. Others take a while to settle to sleep between feeds and nappy changes.

Ideally, you’ll arrive at the studio with baby due to feed & drift off to sleep, some babies need plenty of milk and cuddles before they are happy to settle down to sleep, which is fine! There is absolutely no rush! There is no need to arrive early to feed, its all factored in for you.

We go at your baby’s own pace. That’s why I allow for around two hours per newborn session, although sometimes it can take less or more time than that.

5/ Can I bring people with me to the photoshoot?

For Newborn Sessions:

Yes, absolutely. We can comfortably accommodate a maximum of four adults and the baby’s siblings in our photography studio, so you are welcome to bring others with you if you wish.

For Older Children Sessions:

Too many well-meaning voices calling instructions can lead to distractions and overwhelm the child, so it’s preferable to keep the number of visitors to a minimum. Ideally, choose to bring with you that one person who makes baby light up.

For Viewings:

While grandparents love to attend the viewing sessions, some parents prefer to enjoy the moment by themselves its entirely your call. Choosing your images can prove difficult and too many conflicting opinions can make it even more so!

Children are welcome at your ordering appointment and we have a toy box they can raid while they are here! But, if they are in the ‘million questions per minute phase’, you may find it more relaxing to choose alone, without them.

6/ What should we wear?

If you are being photographed with your baby, or if you’re having a family photoshoot, we recommend that you wear clothes that are in co-ordinating colours but are not matching.

We have a session guide information pack to give you further guidance. And Pinterest is a great place to look for inspiration.

7/ What’s included in the session fee?

Me! The session fee that you pay covers the cost of my professional skill and expertise to design you beautiful images as well as your private time in the photography studio.  Also included is your ordering appointment, which is held approximately 1-2 weeks after your original photoshoot.

All photo products/images are purchased separately afterwards, and I will help you to choose from your photos and to select products that will best suit your home and lifestyle. There is a NO HARD SELL – I promise!

Once you have placed your order for products and/or images, you will also receive an additional 10×8 inch photo print as a special thank you.

8/ How much should I expect to spend on photo products/images?

We ask our clients to commit to spending a minimum of £250 with us, which is in addition to the session fee. For this, you may choose a range of products or loose prints.

Most clients budget between £500-£1500 depending on the style of products they like and the space in their home that they’d like to fill with images.

Our product/image prices for Cake Smash photoshoots are priced differently. Packages for those range from £175-£475.

9/ Do you offer free customer parking and how accessible is your photography studio?

Yes, there are 14 parking bays outside the studio and plenty of free parking on nearby residential streets.

Our photography studio is accessible for wheelchair users and for parents with pushchairs. We have an angled door lip and plenty of internal space. However, please note, our bathroom is narrow and is accessed via a doorway with a raised door jamb on the floor. All possible assistance will be provided if required.

We are happy to visit your home for the photoshoot as an alternative to you visiting the studio, where feasible.

10/ Will my images look like those you have done for my friend? 

As your chosen photographer, my aim is to create a special experience for you. Your photoshoot will be customised to your specific preferences so that I can create you images that you will love for years to come.

Being a professional photographer, with many years of experience, all my images will be created in a way that is true to my unique creative style. So please be sure to view my portfolio of images before you book since these demonstrate the style that your images will be created in. Hopefully, you love my work and want similar images for yourself!

That said, you do have an opportunity to influence the images by stating your preferences for colours, props and styling. Your images will incorporate your ideas and personal items (feel free to bring along any props that are important to you and that you want to be included in the photos), as well as the individual personality of your baby or children.

So it is unlikely that your images will be exactly the same as those of your friend since there are many things that will make your photoshoot unique.

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