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Budget for Baby Photos

How Do I Budget for Baby Photos – I’m Worried I’ll Want Them All!

Babies are cute, squishy and beautiful, but are also expensive! As a mum of three boys, I can certainly testify to that!

New parents generally need to buy all sorts of kit. Let me guess, you’ll probably have already bought or set a budget for a car seat and pushchair, a Moses basket, baby monitor and a huge number of different things in anticipation of the arrival of your baby. You won’t need me to tell you that this all adds up!

And even if this isn’t your first baby, you may well have things to replace (hands up who ditched everything thinking “NEVER AGAIN!” and had to start fresh with baby two, three, four…five? 😀 )

But, while it can seem expensive upfront, one thing that is an investment rather than a cost is professional photography.

The decisions you make now about what brand of pushchair or nappies you buy will all pale into insignificance over the years, I promise you. You’ll have sold your expensive equipment on and it will long be forgotten.

Yet what’s left after your baby develops from a teeny newborn into an adorable but head-strong toddler, and then as they get to school age and beyond? 

It’s your memories! The curling pieces of ‘art’ on the fridge and photographs of them as they have grown.

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What truly matters is that you preserve those special memories and capture the precious years of your child’s development in photographs. You can look back in years to come and relive every single, special moment.

Now, I know. We all take hundreds of photographs a day. We’re used to ‘having them all’. So you might be wondering why you need professional photography, prints, albums and wall art.

But when was the last time you sat and flicked through them with that growing little person to show them their funny baby expressions? Chances are those pictures are ‘safe’ on the laptop/usb/harddrive of the old computer (floppy disk anyone)?!

I will always encourage you to choose printed items over digital. Why? So that I know in years to come you can walk around your home with your growing little person and talk about all of those memories and, every day, you’ll see something which brings you joy.

Also buying prints and wall art is so much easier! There is no need to ‘get around to printing them’. You just have to put the hook in the wall! (Now I’ll give you the hook and pins but my DIY skills are terrible, according to my hubby, so you’re on your own from that point I’m afraid!)

But how much does professional photography really cost?

Now, I know lots of parents are concerned by the cost of professional photography – maybe you have never purchased professional photography before.

And it’s common for parents to be and new parents to fear the unknown – what exactly is involved? Will there be a hard sell at the end? How many photos must we buy, and are there any hidden extra costs? Well, let me reassure you.

Professional Photography to suit every budget

Below is something that I’ve put together to give you an idea of what you can get for your budget in each price range with me – possibly more than you think?! And always guaranteed a gentle sales experience

I’m Watching my Budget

baby mini session hawarden, newborn photographer wrexham, Mold photographerFor those who are cautious of going wild with the budget when they see the end result a Short & Sweet session could be perfect (also great for older babies who have missed newborn) think of it as our ‘lite’ session, we take beautiful relaxed simple images of just baby and before you leave the studio you choose from around 10 images – you get to choose your favourite five to download ready for you to print and share just a couple of hours later for the inclusive price of £195 – top up to 10 images for another £95.

First Daze – you can enjoy the full Signature First Daze session with parent and sibling shots if you wish & choose from our Print Menu or Simplicity package. For your investment of £250 in addition to your session, you have a choice of:

  • vintage style baby girl photo, newborn photographer, chester baby photographer, qualified baby photographerFive digital images to download
  • A print pack with 10 images in a range of sizes including a 20×16 to frame
  • A 20×16 frame or canvas

 Take a look at the full product brochure here.

Book now for your due date at Cass Davies Photography

Somewhere in The Middle

In the mid range there are lots and lots of options with Collections offering best value against the Menu items.

Prefer digital & feeling pro-active? Get a beautiful USB box with 10 images plus your gift 10×8 print for a total spend of £455 including your session.

Wanting a statement piece for the wall? Our most popular mid-range option is Simplicity at Level two for £560 including you session. Choose your favourite option from Level two & another from Level one in the image below. Look through our beautiful handmade items in the Product Brochurebaby photo prices Chester

Book now for your due date at Cass Davies Photography


A Little Higher Now –

Shopping for large spaces, multiple rooms or a large family for presents? Again Collections are your best friend or build your own ideal groupings from the Separates Menu.newborn photographer Chester

Enjoy all of your images digitally with your session, gift 10×8 & a stunning 10×10 Memory Box full of 10 Fine Art Mounted Prints session for £735.

Hit our three gift levels when buying individual printed items to receive complimentary digital downloads – £600 on printed items earns Five digital Images, £800 Ten Digital Images & £950 gifts you a full digital download of finished images.

Our most popular larger packages start with Simplicity Level three (see above image) where you chose an item from each of Levels 1 2 & 3 for £850 in addition to your session, ranging to the impressive Artisan Rustic collection – 10 handmade birch blocks & custom presentation USB of finished images in a Fine Art Memory box including ten Fine Art mounted prints at £1650

Book now for your due date at Cass Davies Photography



There really is something right across the range that will allow you to treasure those memories with the best quality photography, whatever your budget & love the results. Book now for your due date at Cass Davies Photography & enjoy the studio video of what happens in a First Daze session with dinky Theo & Tyler

Cass xoxo

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