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Hey!! Im Charl and this is my pregnancy blog. Over the next few months I will be working with Cass, blogging and photographing my pregnancy showing the timeline growth of this little one.

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So, a little bit about me. Im 36, married to my childhood sweetheart and mummy to 3 boys aged 15, 9 and 7.

I’ll be straight to the point, finding out about this pregnancy was a shock and not the best of news I could have received at this stage of my life, however with many chats and stresses and what if’s, my husband and I concluded that if this is what life has planned for us then bring on the next chapter!! The biggest worry for both of us was our ages’. I’m 36 and J will be 38 after baby is born.

Naturally, our first worry was congenital abnormalities and the possibility of us being faced with further tough decisions if results came back saying such but we chose to deal with that should we need to. I tried to tell those who we considered as close friends and keep those ‘in the know’ to a minimum, just until we had all test results back, but like with all lovely news some find it harder to keep news a secret!! Our fears were never about bringing a child up with individual needs, we already have two children with health conditions I think it was more the worry of, what if we make this choice and then have to deal with it being taken away from us. Not a worry I ever considered when I was younger in pregnancies.

Thankfully, all results have been fine and so at 15 weeks, we were comfortable with confirming our pregnancy and openly talking about it. Our children have taken the news well too. Our 7 year old, Jacob, is the most excited. He is having a baby sister called Flower which is totally non-negotiable. My 9 year old, Joe, is slightly more laid back and doesn’t really have much to say and my 15 year old, Liam, responded with “Oh no!”, which I think is pretty self explanatory!!

All of my boys were born at The Countess of Chester, and so naturally that is my hospital if choice for this pregnancy. All of my history is there, I am familiar with surroundings, and my pregnancy/delivery with Jacob was so complicated that I wouldn’t feel safe anywhere else. Seems simple enough until you go to your booking appointment with your community Midwife. In Wales, the rules have now changed and all women are encouraged to give birth, in Wales. I was told that crossing over the border means that the funding from our Welsh NHS pot needs to then be given to the English pot and they would prefer not to do this.

So,before you can be referred you have to fill in a form that effectively asks for ‘permission’ to the big wigs of money allocation and they decided whether or not you can have your baby in Chester!

Fortunately, with my history it was not contested however I am aware of women that have been refused! This is not what midwifery care is about. The ethos portrayed by the NMC is that it is a woman’s choice where she has her antenatal care and gives birth, so I found myself worrying about ladies who may be influenced to change their decision – stick to your guns! You can give birth wherever you chose, regardless of what side of the boarder you are on!

As with most pregnancies, the first 4 months were pants. My boobs felt like gigantic hot air balloons and there were a few days where I thought I was going to spontaneously combust! It could only happen to me – death by mammary gland! And from 8 weeks sickness spawned upon me, every night, from 5pm until the early hours of the morning I would have sickness.

Not ideal when you have dinner to cook and little people to look after, J was very good though and really looked after me. It wasn’t the being sick that was the problem for me, it was the nausea. Once it came, I couldn’t shift it and I tried everything. Ginger biscuits, plain biscuits, hot water, sipping cold water, lying down, deep breathes, distractions, literally nothing worked so I researched natural remedies and came across acupuncture bands. 2 little sweat bands that have a plastic ball in that pushes on a pressure point in your wrists. Not ideal when you are trying to disguise any give away that you are pregnant but they did work……when I remembered to put them on! As a last resort I tried Reiki therapy with the focus souly being on sickness, I had one session and (hand on my heart) I have never had nausea or sickness since. That was at 11 weeks.

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How is this pregnancy affecting me?

As I write this I am now 24 weeks and feel amazing! This pregnancy is totally different to each one with my boys. I haven’t put on half as much weight, my skin is beautiful, I am really active and energetic and don’t feel pregnant some days! Not sure if that is an indication of gender or just that I am older, my body has done pregnancy before and therefore knows what to do, or I am just lucky! Whatever the reason I am totally embracing it and really enjoying being pregnant. It’s also helping me to remain positive that I will have a natural delivery this time….I had an emergency c section with Jacob and although we can not prevent emergency situations, an elective one is not an option for me!!

We have our big ‘gender reveal’ this weekend, so the next update will reveal all.
A majority of my family and friends are team pink this time!!
The Confetti Cannon holds the answer!!!
Charl xxx


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