I regret not having Maternity Photos

Firstly I’d like to say Hi. My name is Jo, 33 year old married mother of two girls. P is 7 and J is 5 and I’m about to tell you why I regret not having a maternity photos done.

why I regret not having maternity photos

7 years ago, in my first pregnancy, Maternity photos weren’t really the in thing. My friends and family never suggested having one. By the time they were a thing, I was pregnant with J. I was so self conscious after my first pregnancy that I decided against having a shoot done.

As the children have become older, more aware of how babies come into the world & where they were in my body I feel so bad that I don’t have the images to back up what I’m telling them.

The only image I have of either of my children in my tummy is this one:

why I regret not having maternity photos

I was 6 months pregnant here with P. She often doesn’t believe that this was actually her. J gets very upset that I don’t have one of her in my tummy to show her. She is going through a confirmation stage at the minute and regularly wants me to confirm that she was in my tummy :’(

Here is a picture of both my gorgeous girls when they were only a few hours old. 


If I could go back 7 years to the time of P’s pregnancy, knowing how my children feel and the questions they’ve asked about it, I wouldn’t waste a second in booking a Maternity shoot.

I am still super self conscious about my Mummy body. Yes I have a wobbly belly and cushioned bum, but if baby no3 ever arrived I would suck it up and have one done. It would need to be heavily edited though! Or maybe backlit so you couldn’t see my face! Hahahaha.  Capturing that bump image, I think, is super super important in helping your inquisitive little one feel validated.


Will this blog change your mind about Maternity Photos

I hope so.

So when a friend suggests a Maternity Session, or you see images online that you think you might like to try. Don’t hesitate. Think about how much your children will love and treasure those images when they’re older. Yes you may feel worried about how you will look. But you will always look gorgeous to your children. No matter what.  When having children we have to make sacrifices. I think our vanity needs to take a back seat to give them a timeline and understanding of how they came to be in the world.


Lots of Love

Me, P & J



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