Maternity Photography in Rachaels’ Own Words


Thinking about Maternity Photography?

maternity photographer chester, bump photoIf you are considering maternity photos – have a listen to Rachaels’ refreshing & honest account of someone who is not a ‘natural’ in front of the camera! Rachael chose a nude session so some images in the bump photography video are lovely mama’s Anna & Clare who came in recently to model for me (Facebook doesn’t like bottoms 🙂 ). Pop to our Mama to Be page to find out about booking your own bump photoshoot to treasure https://www.cassdaviesphotography.co.uk/bump-photos-hawarden/ – did you know one is included with every Signature Newborn session booking?

Rachael on having Maternity Photography:

I knew that I wanted to have maternity photography as I knew this was going to be my last pregnancy. I didn’t really have any nice photos from his big brother’s pregnancy. So when I was pregnant with my youngest I really want to do it {have a bump photoshoot} but at the same time I didn’t want to do it!

I hate being in front of the camera & the thought of having to stand and pose in front of someone really didn’t fill me with any kind of joy or excitement whatsoever. Im lucky enough to know Cass & know she can make anyone feel comfortable so she was the obvious choice when wanting to get these photos done. Even though she knew I would probably be a nightmare she made it seem as if it was no bother at all – even though I’m possibly the worst client she’s ever had!

I wasn’t really looking forward to it, I wasn’t feeling great my hair wasn’t looking great but I knew that it was something I would really regret if I didn’t do it. So I sucked it up and I put my big girl pants on – quite literally as I was hugely pregnant! & she made it easy I felt really relaxed, really quickly. I thought I’d feel completely stupid but actually I didn’t, Cass made it easy telling me how to stand, where to look & what to do with my hands so I didn’t have to think about it much at all.

‘When Cass showed me an image from the back of the camera – I couldn’t believe how amazing it looked & that it was actually me’

bump photo Chester, photographer Chester , baby photosWhen I got the final photos, I couldn’t believe them they’re just, stunning. I have one up in our bedroom that I look at every day & it makes me miss my bump & it makes me smile. Its crazy to think that our little one who is now running around like a whirlwind was ever small enough to fit inside my tummy.

Im so glad I did it, I’ll never regret the fact that I did it & I can only say I’d absolutely have regretted it, had I not done it {had maternity photos}.

So if you are thinking of doing it – stop thinking & just do it because you’ll love them. I promise

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