My Pregnancy Diary – Pt 3


maternity, photoshoot, pregnancy, newborn, Chester, Cheshire, Flintshire, older mum, transverseWell, things took an eventful turn since my last blog. 

At 36 weeks and 2 days I was admitted to the antenatal ward. Not because I was in Labour. But because the baby was still lying transverse. This basically meant he was an unstable lie.

Initially the plan wasn’t very clear. I felt really great but the risk of my waters breaking and the cord coming first was too great. I wasn’t willing to take the gamble.

For the first 5 days, I was having regular tightenings that were visible on the monitor. I wasn’t in pain but I was encouraged to take codeine. This was to make the tightenings stop with the goal of getting to 37 weeks.

When 37 weeks came, there was no change in the baby’s position however the tightenings had stopped. 

maternity, photoshoot, pregnancy, newborn, Chester, Cheshire, Flintshire, older mum, transverse

What would they do next?

They sent me for a growth scan. I was measuring big for my dates which estimated baby’s weight to be around 8lb 3oz. This was expected as my other babies were all good weights at 8lb 2oz, 8lb 11oz and 9lb 2oz.

Based on his predicted weight I was booked in for induction at 38 weeks. This was great, but it also meant another week in hospital.

One part of me knew that it was the safest and only option. If my waters broke at home I wouldn’t make it to hospital in time. Another part of me was struggling with being away from my husband and children. Only seeing them for an hour every other day was incredibly difficult and had started to affect them too. But we had a goal!  To get to Saturday 20th October and then their brother would be here. I would be able to go home.

So, induction day arrived. My husband and I went to labour ward at 8am, all excited and ready for the long journey of labour.

The baby had been head down for 4 days! I’d had a show the day before too.  But when I woke up that morning my bump was a different shape and I just knew the baby had moved again. 

When the consultant scanned me to confirm baby’s position, it was as I had predicted, he had spun himself around. Again.

The Words we didn’t want to hear

Breech Oblique.

Induction was instantly cancelled and my husband and I was absolutely gutted, as were my children.

Throughout my pregnancy I had been so desperate to give birth naturally, after having an emergency c section with my last baby it wasn’t something that I had wanted to go through again. The recovery is so long and when you have other children to look after, ‘resting’ isn’t easy. But because of the baby’s lie I had to be booked on for an elective section on the following Tuesday. The decision was made for me and to be honest, I just wanted the baby to be here and to go home.

I had been there that long that I had been through the whole daily menus twice, and the staff started to walk in my room and say “are you still here!”

Labour day was nearly upon us!

The day before my elective section the baby was very quiet. From around 28 weeks he had a little routine where he would move lots in the mornings, be quieter in the afternoon and then from 6pm he would be very, very active for hours. But today was very different. He was bunched up at the top of my stomach and no matter how much walking I did, or how much a poked him, or how many cold and hot drinks I had, he wouldn’t budge.

His heart rate was checked around 4pm and I knew that it was fast for his usual baseline but I was told it was in normal range. So I tried having a shower and lying on my left side. He still didn’t kick or move.

At 8.30pm I was put onto the monitor, and it showed the baby’s heart rate was incredibly fast. He was in distress. I was never given a reason as to why but I can only assume that after weeks of tightenings, and being poked and squished, it had started to take it toll on him.

My husband was given 30 minutes to get to the hospital and at 10.32pm our beautiful boy was born by emergency c section.

My 4th Baby!

Joshua weighed 8lb and is so perfect. I was 38 weeks and 2 days and it was the night before my elective section!

Recovery from the operation has been so much better this time round. Having a new baby at 36 isn’t a tiring as I had expected. My children are so in love with their new brother and Joshua has brought so much joy and happiness to our family. 

maternity, photoshoot, pregnancy, newborn, Chester, Cheshire, Flintshire, older mum, transverse

I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to experience pregnancy again and intend of savouring every single minute of Joshua’s baby days.

Everyone has a path or a calling in life, I have friends who have gone on to do all sorts of professions, but I just love being a mum. To me there is nothing better than looking after my little family and wouldn’t want my life to be any other way. I would like to say a special thank you to Cass for capturing my pregnancy and Joshua’s early days so beautifully. maternity, photoshoot, pregnancy, newborn, Chester, Cheshire, Flintshire, older mum, transverse


I have never met such a chilled, laid back woman in my life. The shoots have always been so enjoyable and the end results are just so beautiful. Memories that I will treasure forever.

Thanks for following my journey.

Now on to the next chapter of our lives as a family of 6.

Charl xxxx


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