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Many clients wonder what they can expect during their session, I aim to make it as fun personal & carefree as possible, allowing you to enjoy the experience & treasure the images.

Before: We will have a natter & get to know each other, plan your goals for the session & i’ll listen to your ideas for your ideal portraits

During: I’ll advise you of roughly how long you can expect your session to take, there is never any rush & always plenty of time to keep you & your little ones comfy. Don’t worry about high spirits follow my lead & they’ll do great

After: a sprinkle of magic & around a week later you’ll head back to the studio to view your images & place your order, you’re welcome to bring the grandparents – they always love to be involved! We will go over our initial chat and where you expect to hang your images & i’ll advise on the best collections for your needs. Payment will be due on the day & around three weeks later your stunning custom art work will be ready to collect & hang.



Children do things in their own sweet time – and we wouldn’t have it any other way! On the day of the session we want everyone to enjoy the time together – there is always plenty of time for snacking or a little break for a drink, feel comfortable taking the time you need. I will ask you for help directing a younger child’s attention in the right direction as they often react best to those closest to them, however an older toddler or child will usually be more compliant to the unknown person in the equation – sit back and take in a magazine whilst I bring out their character.

When children are in front of the camera in an unfamiliar location with a new person, being the centre of attention can make them uncomfortable – making it take a little longer to get the perfect shot. We only use positive reinforcements & encouragement in the studio & ask you to stay calm & carefree even though it can be frustrating – I assure you I’ve seen it all before & a stressed coerced child does not happy photographs make.

Newborn sessions are especially longer allowing us to go at baby’s pace. Many parents worry that their baby won’t ‘behave’ hates being undressed or will go to the toilet on the props, believe me its a strange day at the office I’m not in the way of some wee or worse & I’m well used to calming small people.



Ah the age old – what on earth do we wear?! everyone wears jeans & a white shirt thats ‘right’ isn’t it? In truth whilst its clean & simple its unlikely you all leave the house in Daz white shirts and pressed denims on a daily basis! Try to go for a look that is representative of you all & fits your personal style. Keep it co-ordinating but not matchy matchty – a great way is to pick a palette of three of four key colours and each choose outfits from there – here’s a great PINTEREST board with lots of ideas. Key things are avoiding big prints, logos that will date your images & busy patterns. White outside is also particularly hard to work with. These guys have it spot on – denims with whites & navy & a pop of mustard. For my smaller clients under 18 months I have a fab selection of outfits in the studio to mix in a more styled look.


Handy items to have with your for any session

Juice or milk & a snack – dry foods are better over chocolate that creates wonderful gooey dribble

Wipes & or tissues – I do keep sensitive wipes in stock for emergencies

comfy clothes for baby to travel in

a couple of outfit options so we can style you perfectly

any keepsakes or items you wish to include

favourite toy or snuggly & dummy



A newborn studio is a very warm place, please wear light layered clothing to be comfortable. If you have an older child attending for sibling shots it is best to have a second adult who can entertain them or even take the to play as they are done – its very hot and dull for a small busy person.

Arrive with baby in an easy to remove sleep suit & please bring a blanket. Posed images are taken sleeping & it is important to keep baby alert before you travel – a bath can help.

Posing stimulates baby’s natural sucking reflexes & can make baby very hungry. Baby will eat more than usual during a session – if you are breast feeding please eat and drink well in the days before your session, if you are bottle feeding or mixed feeding please bring at least one extra feed compared to baby’s usual schedule. If baby has a dummy even if only infrequently please bring it with you. New & sealed dummies are kept in the studio just in case & may be used to help soothe baby if required.


I love to incorporate personal items & keepsakes into your images, please bring along any you would like to use – think gifted blankets, special teddies (on the smaller side is better) Have a look through the Facebook galleries for ideas & think where you will hang your images, we will have a chat about your preferred poses & colour schemes to help me plan your session.

Newborn baby sessions are timed to fit in with baby’s feeding pattern (although all babies are different) If you could aim to feed baby on arrival this will have them as full & sleepy as possible, part feed before home & a top up at the studio works too. please be prepared to feed on demand during the session – baby will revert to fairly usual quickly in the day after the session. This helps settle baby into a deep sleep. For First Daze at home a large clear floor space and access to sockets is required – I will provide everything else (except baby!)



Most sessions take place at my comfortable,

custom designed children’s photography studio at 

53 Poppy Field Road
Northop Hall
The house is tucked away, turn on to Poppy Field Road.

Continue down the hill to the end. Turn on to the Cul-de-sac to your left. 53 is the first house to your left. Please park on the driveway & I will come out to greet you.

I can be contacted on 07788 870400 & cass_davies@icloud.com


Please notify me if you are expecting to be more than ten minutes late. I appreciate that it is hard getting out of the house with a new little one & red lights are always against us. Half an hour late without contact will forfeit session & fees paid.


Outdoor session locations will be agreed in advance