As well as running my own successful photography business I am also a qualified adult vocational qualification assessor, along with Associate level accreditations from the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers – one of only three in the UK with a panel purely of newborn images.

Finalist Newborn Photographer of the Year 2018.

I love using my knowledge and expertise to help other photographers increase their skills and make their businesses more successful, especially with regards to posing and newborn safety.



I had one on one newborn training with Cass Davies Photography, I have learned so much from her. She is amazing at what she does. highly recommended.! Thank You Cass.



A 121 newborn photography training session for photographers at all levels who wish to develop the safe practices and complex techniques required for newborn photography.

At my studio from £495

Travel Sessions from £650


Remote training via Skype is an excellent way for photographers to access training without the additional cost of travel. Skype sessions are billed hourly & discounted to £65ph for those who have attended a 121 221 or Just pose Newborn course or Bootcamp. We can cover editing & workflow, mentoring towards qualifications & image reviews to update on your progress giving you comprehensive notes to go to your next session and target problem areas.

From £95/hour

Newborn Intensive £595

You’re a very confident amateur working in manual or are already in business.

Work with two newborn models to achieve: A refined posing workflow suited to your level of skill, Studio set up, Effective composition for easy edits, Studio lighting, Baby safety and soothing, Parent communication and smoothing the way to a good sale, Editing and workflow.

Newborn photography training days start with a coffee and a planning session including how to set up a newborn studio. We will then shoot a newborn session and cover safe working practices, settling baby and a variety of newborn baby poses and angles, Appropriate to your skill level. this will include flowing through poses and the correct use of studio lighting.

You will do all the shooting and I will guide you through each step.
Over lunch we will discuss the mornings shoot and then you will plan the next shoot that we will have scheduled for the afternoon.​ This time you will style, lead and shoot the session whilst I provide support and an extra pair of hands.

We will then spend the remainder of the day on post production as we edit  the shoots from the day including fast Lightroom based workflow & Photoshop for composites skin work & blanket fixes.

Custom days are available for more experienced newborn photographers.

Newborn Skills Introduction £495

Brand new to photography?

Spend a day gaining camera confidence and learning foundation skills to get you started on the right foot. We will work with a stand in baby mannequin to cover  

Camera settings, Studio lighting, Composition, Colour management,  Baby safety and soothing, Shooting safe simple poses to build your repertoire, Studio set up, Intro to workflow & editing. 

As a brand new photographer core skills are essential to get your business started in a safe, efficient and profitable manner, providing quality images. 

Work through setting up a welcoming small newborn and baby studio, with easy to replicate studio lighting, learn a workflow of staple newborn poses whilst training with a SIB MANNEQUIN. We will cover composing strong easy to edit images with key in camera skills.

Work with baby models in your own time to progress your handling skills and move on to the newborn INTENSIVE course 

Custom days are available for more experienced newborn photographers.


Get in touch below to arrange your 1-2-1 training or Skype session.